where do cats like to be pet

Where Do Cats Like to be Pet?
The Ultimate Cat Lover's Guide

Every cat has a favorite place they like to be pet. It’s up to you to find out where that is. To be honest, these techniques are not just for the cat’s satisfaction. There are many scientific studies that prove caring for a cat has significant health benefits for humans as well. Hearing them purr and feeling their love is definitely the ultimate relaxation therapy.

Whether you just got a new cat or you’re a seasoned cat lover, we all have this thought, “Where do cats like to be pet by us?”. The enjoyment and comfort of our furry family members is extremely important or you wouldn’t be here. Am I right? So, without any further delay, let’s begin the process of bringing you and your sweet kitty closer together through affection.

cat petting on top of the head

1. Top of the Head

Can you guess the number one area cat petting normally begins? That’s right, the top of the head. Gently stroke it using the tips of your fingers or the side of your thumb. Cats ordinarily respond quickly to this. If you really want to win a cat over, add a little scratching as well. When you see their eyes close, that’s a pretty good sign they’re enjoying this moment.

cat petting under the chin

2. Under the Chin

Another favorite place for cat petting is under the chin. This typically involves a combination of rubbing and scratching to be most effective. You’ll know when your kitty is completely content if you hear the purr machine crank up and they lean in for more.

cat petting on the cheeks

3. On the Cheeks

The cheeks, particularly the area behind the whiskers, respond well to cat petting. While it’s not so much petting as it is more rubbing or scratching. Most kitties seem to enjoy when you rub your fingernails against their cheeks

Some kitties will even rub their cheeks against your extended fingernails if you hold them close to their face. The cheek is a spot that contains scent glands which cats use to mark their territory. When they rub against you, they are essentially implying that you are their human now.

petting cats behind the ears

4. Behind the Ears

There are many places you can be petting cats but it’s all a process of trial and error. Luckily, it shouldn’t take long for you to answer the question, “Where do cats like to be pet the most?”.

Here is another tempting spot to relax your kitty. It’s more of a rubbing or massaging motion behind the base of the ears. Simply use your fingertips and thumb to ease their stress or tension. If this is done correctly, a cat may turn their head and lean into your fingers for a deeper massage.

petting cats around the shoulders

5. Around the Shoulders

When it comes to petting cats, another area some react well to would be the shoulders. Just like humans whose muscles become tense, your kitty could use some petting and a soothing massage. You can actually feel the tightness just melt away as a cat relaxes their muscles.

Typically when you pet a cat, it’s a mixture of stroking, rubbing, massaging, and scratching. As you get to know what your cat likes, don’t be surprised when their attention needs increase.

petting cats along the backbone

6. Along the Backbone

Petting cats along their backbone will possibly activate the arched back and raised haunches. With the addition of a few scratches in between the petting, your cat will be in kitty paradise.

If you’re on the floor with them, be ready for the circling session. They will expect some type of petting each time they come around you. Still haven’t figured out why they do this but I’m sure it will be an interesting topic of a future blog article.

petting a cat on the sides

7. On the Sides

So you’re sitting on the couch or laying in bed with the cat next to you. With either the palms or the back of your hand, lightly stroke the soft fur on their side. You will likely hear the tranquil sounds of purring as their eyes close with contentment.

Petting a cat is such an affectionate gesture on your part and it is immensely satisfying when you know the pleasure is appreciated. Many people ask where do cats like to be pet for the most enjoyment. As long as you are genuinely warmhearted with cats, it shouldn’t matter too much in most cases.

petting a cat at the base of the tail

8. Base of the Tail

Petting a cat should be a pleasant experience for both you and your sweet kitty. It’s all about peaceful relaxation and creating a strong bond with the one you love.

One place that is sometimes missed by new cat owners is the base of the tail. Here you can softly scratch and rub your way into a cat’s heart. You may see a ridge of fur rise up on the cat’s back and the hair on the tail could also fluff out slightly. This is merely from the satisfying relief of itchy skin and a pleasurable experience, just like someone scratching a spot on your back you can’t quite reach.

pet a cat up the tail

9. Up the Tail

No, this isn’t as weird as it sounds. It’s actually quite useful and will help keep your kitty content. Loosely wrap your hand around the bottom of the tail and lightly stroke the tail out towards the tip.

This can also be done in conjunction with the backbone and base of the tail petting, all in one long flowing motion. Not every single cat will enjoy this but, it’s just another soothing technique to pet a cat.

don't pet a cat when they

When Not to Pet a Cat!

For one reason or another, your kitty may not be too enthused about a petting session at the moment. You should learn to recognize certain subtle signs like irritability or reclusiveness. There are also a couple things to remember.

First, you should always approach slowly as to not startle the cat. Second, and most important, be gentle. Cats do not respond well to aggressive petting.

Before attempting to pet a cat, pay close attention to their mood in general. If a cat seems stressed or anxious, they may…

  • Try to bite you
  • Growl at you
  • Hiss at you
  • Grab you with their paws
  • Attempt to scratch you
  • Walk or even run away
  • Hide from you
why do cats like being pet

Why Do Cats Like Being Pet?

Why do you like to be hugged or kissed? Affection. This is one of the primary ways to show your love and caring for a cat.

Another reason has to do with feline scent glands. When you pet a cat anywhere on the head or base of the tail, these scent glands release pheromones and basically, they are marking you as their people. You should feel proud! They have chosen you as their designated love servant.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple places where cats like to be pet. Every kitty typically has one or two spots they prefer above all others. Figure them out and life will be better for both of you.

Just to let you know, most cats have a few areas that may be off limits. The belly, paws, and the private regions are usually on the “do not touch” list. Each cat is different however, this is simply a safe assumption.

In the end, trust needs to be earned from cats so they are completely comfortable with you. Once this happens, you will pawsitively have a happy and fulfilling relationship with your sweet little furry companion.

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