Two Kittens and a Cat Mom

two kittens and a cat mom

Anyone who has been to Greece knows just how many cats follow you around on every street. Even though it’s an adorable sight, it’s important to understand that most of them are stray cats. This means, they don’t exactly have a home.

Christine, a mother of two, decided to start her day by cleaning up the balcony. When she went to move a few boxes, what she found inside left her quite surprised.

Inside the one of the boxes, she found two kittens helplessly staring up at her with tiny blue eyes. Christine had no idea where these cute little kitties came from or where their mother was.

As a mother herself, she did not waste any time thinking of the details and scooped the box up. She took the two kittens inside to keep them warm because temperatures in Greece can go as low as 42°F at night.

To keep the kittens comfortable, she filled a little cat carrier with blankets and placed it next to the box. She decided not to touch the two kittens with her hands because she feared their mother could smell it and might abandon them.

The very next day, she saw the little kittens had hopped in the carrier to seek warmth. She immediately knew that was a good sign and proceeded to leave out food and water.

Sadly, the kittens soon started having issues with their eyes. Most kittens develop common eye infections, which is why Christine immediately booked an appointment with the vet.

But what happened next will warm your heart.

A Mother Rescues Her Two Kittens

Even before she got to take them to the vet, she found one of the kittens laying still for more than two hours. Not only was this alarming, but she also realized that its pulse was incredibly weak.

Unable to reach the vet, she decided to do some research on the internet and ended up feeding the kitten sugar water. For hours, she tried to keep the kitten warm, feeding it honey and sugar water. Unfortunately, none of that worked.

That’s when her maternal instinct kicked in and she tried one last thing, her own breast milk.

Christine, already breastfeeding a six-month-old baby of her own, used her milk pump and fed the kitten her own breast milk with a syringe.

Very soon, the little kitten started moving and Christine could not hold back her tears. On the day of the appointment, the vet highlighted how it is not advisable to feed kittens human breast milk, but it was her love and caring that saved the kitten at the end of the day.

The two beautiful kittens received all the necessary medical treatments and recovered gracefully, now living with Christine in their forever home.

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