Tortured Cat Loses Faith in Humans

tortured cat

I came across this story of a poor little cat that had a bag of heavy dog food cans tied around her. I couldn’t believe someone would actually do that sort of thing. To be perfectly honest, it sickened me to even imagine this kind of treatment.

Luckily, Stoyan and Dessy saw the tortured cat and were able to help her out. This young Bulgarian couple has been rescuing kitties for quite some time. Bulgaria is a country with thousands of stray cats on their streets. These devoted individuals not only rescue the feral cats, they give them a temporary home until an adoption opportunity becomes available. All costs for the needed supplies come out of their own pockets. Please note: The average Bulgarian income is only $17,000 per year.

cat with bag

Rescuing the Tortured Cat Was Challenging

They first saw the black and white cat in a garbage can while they were out for a late night walk. At first, they thought the cat might be scavenging for food but kept hearing it banging around in the trash can. When they turned the can over to help the cat escape, it became apparent that she had a bag full of heavy dog food cans tightly wrapped around her body as she scurried away.

Eventually the tortured cat found itself wedged between a fence and a wooden board, which actually gave the couple a chance to capture the terrified kitty and offer the relief it needed. They worked quickly but cautiously to remove the bag.

This proved to be a difficult task, even after they brought back a carrier, blanket, and scissors. Using the blanket to hold the panic-stricken and defensive cat took time. Stoyan tried to subdue her without inflicting any more pain or suffering.

Finally, Stoyan was able to cover the cat’s head and grab it by the scruff of the neck to cut away the bag. Since the cat still had part of the bag wrapped around her midsection, Stoyan had to coax it into the cat carrier so they could take her home to calm down and safely remove the remaining piece of plastic.

feeding stray

The Terrified Kitty Still Had No Trust

While Stoyan and Dessy did their best to be gentle and compassionate with the tortured cat, she still had no faith in the sympathetic couple. The traumatic ordeal she experienced obviously left her bitter and possibly scarred for life.

Once they got home, Dessy took her to the bathroom and set the carrier down in the shower. Stoyan then closed the door behind him so the cat couldn’t escape. As Dessy opened the carrier door and tried to offer the kitty a bowl of food, she then bolted out of her confinement, climbing the walls, toilet, and sink, in an effort break free of the human restraint.

After a few minutes of aerial acrobatics, she became completely exhausted and returned to the carrier since she assumed this was the safest hiding spot. Dessy and Stoyan then wanted to give the cat some time to unwind and relax.

When the cat finally calmed down to where Dessy could actually handle her, the remaining pieces of the plastic bag were removed. The cat was transferred to a larger enclosure and Dessy covered it with a blanket to help her feel more secure.

Later, Dessy lifted the blanket to see how the kitty was doing. Unfortunately, she was still terrified with her eyes wide open, her heart pounding and, her breathing was so erratic, it caused the entire cage to shake. Hopefully someday, with enough love and patience, she will be able to put her trust in humans once again.

Final Thoughts

Because this amazing Bulgarian couple performs many arduous rescues, cats they find will have a fighting chance for a normal life. I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for Stoyan and Dessy’s humane efforts as well. Thank you so much!

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