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234 Unique Spanish Cat Names

If you’re a dedicated cat lover, chances are you’ve toyed with the notion of giving your feline companion an unusual and creative name.

Here at Cat Lover Style, we believe in celebrating cats of all shapes, sizes and breeds, so today we wanted to explore some original Spanish cat names that can help make your individual furry friend stand out from the rest! Whether you want something traditional yet subdued or playful and entertaining, there is definitely a name here for your cat’s big personality.

Simply click on each Spanish name to find out their definition and correct pronunciation. So, let’s dive into our list of cat names that are purrfect for your next amazing gato!

mexican cat in ancient temple

Affectionate or Loving = Cariñosa or Cariñoso

Alexander = Alejandro

Amusing = Divertida or Divertido

Angel = Ángel

Anthony = Antonio

Ash = Ceniza

Awesome = Asombrosa or Asombroso

Baby = Bebé

Bald = Calva or Calvo

Bandit = Bandida or Bandido

Bean = Frijol

Bear = Osa or Oso

Beautiful = Hermosa or Hermoso

Beefy = Fornida or Fornido

Big = Grande

Biscuit = Galleta

Biter = Mordedor

Blacky = Negruzca or Negruzco

Blade = Cuchilla

Blossom = Florecer

Blueberry = Arándano

Boisterous = Bulliciosa or Bullicioso

Boo = Abucheo

Boots = Botas

Bossy = Mandona or Mandón

Boy = Chico

Brave = Corajuda or Corajudo

Brilliant = Brillante

Brown or Browny = Marrón

Bubbles = Burbujas

Burger = Hamburguesa

Butter = Manteca

Butterfly = Mariposa

Buzz or Buzzy = Zumbido

Calamity = Calamidad

Cat = Gata or Gato

Charm = Encanto

Chase = Perseguir

Cheesy = Caseosa or Caseoso

Cheetah = Guepardo

spanish cat in bullfighting ring

Cherish = Apreciar

Chewy = Correosa or Correoso

Chicken = Pollo

Child = Niña or Niño

Chubby = Regordeta or Regordete

Cinnamon = Canela

Clever = Inteligente

Coal = Carbón

Coconut = Coco

Coffee = Café

Comical = Cómica or Cómico

Companion = Compañera or Companero

Cookie = Galleta

Copper = Cobre

Courageous = Valiente

Crazy = Loca or Loco

Cricket = Grillo

Cuddly = Mimosa or Mimoso

Cupcake = Magdalena

Curious = Curiosa or Curioso

Daffodil = Narciso

Daisy = Margarita

Dangerous = Peligrosa or Peligroso

Daring = Atrevida or Atrevido

Darling = Querida or Querido

Dazzle = Deslumbrar

Dimples = Hoyuelas or Hoyuelos

Dizzy = Mareada or Mareado

Dog = Perra or Perro

Doodles = Garabatos

Doughnut = Rosquilla

Edward = Eduardo

Entertainer = Animadora or Animador

Exotic = Exótica or Exótico

Faith = Fe

Family = Familia

Favorite = Favorita or Favorito

Fierce = Feroz

Fighter = Luchadora or Luchador

Fire = Fuego

brazilian cat in carnival festival parade

Flower = Flor

Fluffy = Esponjosa or Esponjoso

Friendly = Amistosa or Amistoso

Frisky = Retozona or Retozón

Funny = Divertida or Divertido

Fuzzy = Difusa or Difuso

Gentle = Amable

George = Jorge

Ginger = Jengibre

Girl = Chica

Golden = Dorada or Dorado

Goliath = Goliat

Greedy = Avara or Avaro

Grey = Gris

Grumpy = Gruñona or Gruñón

Gumdrop = Gomita

Ham = Jamón

Handsome = Guapa or Guapo

Happy = Feliz

Heart = Corazón

Honey = Miel

Hooks = Manos

Hunter = Cazadora or Cazador

Jelly = Gelatina

Jewel = Joya

King = Rey

Kitten = Gatita or Gatito

Klutz = Torpe

Laughter = Risa

Lazy = Perezosa or Perezoso

Leonard = Leonardo

Licorice = Regaliz

Lightning = Iluminación

Lion = León

Little Boy = Niñito

Little Girl = Niñita

Little One = Pequeño

Lively = Dinámica or Dinámico

Loud = Alta or Alto

Loved or Beloved = Amada or Amado

spanish conquistador cat on a old galleon

Lover = Amante

Loyal = Leal

Lucky = Afortunada or Afortunado

Lump = Bulto

Macaroon = Macarrón

Magician = Maga or Mago

Man = Hombre

Marshmallow = Malvavisco

Matthew = Mateo

Maverick = Disidente

Maximum = Máxima or Máximo

Meatball = Albóndiga

Mellow = Melosa or Meloso

Melon = Melón

Meowy = Maullido

Messy = Desordenada or Desordenado

Midnight = Medianoche

Milky = Lechosa or Lechoso

Mischeivous or Naughty = Traviesa or Travieso

Mittens = Mitones

Moon = Luna

Moose = Alce

Mouse = Ratón

Muffin = Mollete

Mushroom = Champiñón

Mysterious = Misteriosa or Misterioso

Nails = Clavos

Nibbles = Mordiscos

Noodle or Noodles = Fideos

Nougat = Turrón

Nugget = Pepita

Nut = Tuerca

Nuzzle = Hocicar

Orange = Naranja

Ox = Buey

Pancake = Tortita

Paul = Pablo

Peaches = Duraznos

Peanut = Maní

Pebbles = Guijarros

mexican cat in bar drinking

Pepper = Pimienta

Perfect = Perfecta or Perfecto

Pickles = Pepinillos

Piggy or Piglet = Cerdita or Cerdito

Pinky = Meñique

Playful = Juguetona or Juguetón

Plump = Rechoncha or Rechoncho

Popcorn = Palomitas

Potato = Papa

Powerful = Poderosa or Poderoso

Precious = Preciosa or Precioso

Prince = Príncipe

Princess = Princesa

Pudding = Pudín

Puddles = Charcos

Pumpkin = Calabaza

Queen = Reina

Quiet or Easygoing = Tranquila or Tranquilo

Rain = Lluvia

River = Río

Rocky = Rocosa or Rocoso

Rooster = Gallo

Rose = Rosa

Salty = Salada or Salado

Scamp = Pícara or Pícaro

Scratchy = Chirriante

Scruffy = Desaliñada or Desaliñado

Shaggy = Lanuda or Lanudo

Shy = Tímida or Tímido

Silly = Tanta or Tonto

Sleeper = Durmiente

Smiles = Sonrisas

Smoky = Ahumada or Ahumado

Snowball = Bola De Nieve

SnowflakeCopo De Nieve

Soft = Suave

Sparkle = Brillar

Sparky = Chispeante

Speedy = Rápida or Rápido

Spicy = Picante

spanish cat with flamenco dancer playing guitar

Spot = Lugar

Spotted = Manchado

Sprout = Brote

Sticky = Pegajosa or Pegajoso

Stinky = Apesta

Stitch = Puntada

Stripes = Rayas

Strong = Fuerte

Sugar = Azúcar

Sunny = Soleada or Soleado

Sweet = Dulce

Sweetie or Sweetheart = Cariño

Tabby = Atigrada or Atigrado

Taco = Tacos

Tart = Tarta

Thick = Gruesa or Grueso

Thunder = Trueno

Tiger = Tigre

Tortoiseshell = Carey

Treasure = Tesoro

Turtle = Tortuga

Tuxedo = Smoking

Twinkle = Centelleo

Unique = Única or Único

Vibrant = Vibrante

Vivacious = Vivaz

Waffles = Gofres

Warmth = Calor

Weird, Odd or Strange = Extraña or Extraño

Whiskers = Bigotes

Whisper = Susurro

White = Blanca or Blanco

Wise = Sabia or Sabio

Zebra = Cebra

Pensamientos Finales

Spanish cat names can make a statement about your cat’s unique personality and are an opportunity to put a piece of culture into their lives. They can also provide a starting point for any conversation you may have with friends, family, and other pet owners. No matter where you decide to take your inspiration from when finding the perfect name for your feline friend, it’s important to think of them first. Choose something that reflects their personality or that will make you smile every time you call out to them. As long as you’re happy with the choice and your cat is content, then it’ll be the right name for them! Keep exploring so that both you and your beloved companion can enjoy all the benefits of having the most unique Spanish cat name around!

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