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15 Purrfectly Fun Cat Facts

Are you ready for crazy fun cat facts that will amaze and surprise you? We’ve picked out some the most entertaining, little known facts, which even astonished us while bringing smiles to our faces.

1. Yes, There Have Been Cats in Politics

cats in politics

Stubbs was an honorary mayor in Talkeetna, Alaska. A nine year old tabby named Sweet Tart served a three-year term as Mayor in the town of Omena, Michigan. Tuxedo Stan also ran for mayor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Barsik ran for mayor of Barnaul, Russia in 2016 and later announced his bid to become Russia’s president in 2018.

2. Cats Offer Scientifically Proven Health Benefits

fun cat facts health

Owning a cat has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, decrease risk of stroke and heart disease, boost immunity, lower blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol, to name just a few of the extraordinary health benefits.

3. Cat's Brain vs iPad Pro

fun cat facts brain

A cat’s brain has 144 times more data storage than the latest iPad Pro and operates 245 times faster as well.

4. The Original Cat Reality TV Show

fun cat facts kattarshians

“The Kattarshians” is a cat TV channel that was created as a result of the original and famous live stream “Keeping Up With the Kattarshians”. It’s an Icelandic cat reality show that features four adorable kittens having fun and living large in a fully furnished “cat” house with hidden cameras everywhere.

5. So Which Personality is Your Cat?

fun cat facts personality
  • Skittish – A bit shy and afraid of its own shadow.
  • Outgoing – Extremely social and everyone’s friend. Can be clingy.
  • Alpha Cat – Needs to be the center of attention and in charge.
  • Erratic – Wildly curious and loves to get into things (and trouble!).
  • Agreeable – Tolerant of everyone and everything. Very mellow.

6. Sweet Kitty Greeting

fun cat facts kiss

Cats often greet each other by touching noses, which is a friendly gesture much the same as when humans shake hands.

7. Millennials Have Spoken

fun cat facts millenials

An expansive study revealed that millennials preferred having cats more than having children.

8. Does Your Cat Knock Things Off the Table?

fun cat facts knocks over

This is simply a behavior your cat does because of potential boredom or curiosity. If they tend to knock things off your nightstand while you’re sleeping, they’re trying to say “Wake up and feed me or pay attention to me”. If you pick the item up and place it back where it was, the cat will usually knock it right back off again. It’s a game.

9. Want a Low Maintenance Cat?

fun cat facts low maintenance

Great news! Here are three cat breeds that are both beautiful and very independent. So, if you want to take a long weekend getaway, you’re good to go. The Norwegian Forest, Persian, and Maine Coon will be fine if you’re gone for a few days. Simply leave plenty of food, water, and a clean litter box before you leave.

10. Psychological Studies of the Average Cat Owner

fun cat facts average owner

The results are in. There are around 32 million households with cats as pets and 75% of their owners are female. Cat owners are typically more intelligent and 17% have a graduate degree. Cat people are more likely to be independent, atheists, sensitive, open-minded, and many live alone simply seeking affection.

11. The Richest Cat in the World

fun cat facts richest cat

Choupette is a cream colored Birman who was left nearly 170 million dollars by her owner, German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, after his death in 2018. She also has over 85,000 Instagram followers.

12. Cats Actually Have a Favorite Paw

fun cat facts favorite paw

On average, about 70% of cats prefer one paw over the other. Male cats tend to be left pawed while female cats are typically right pawed.

13. Cats Think People Smell Strange

fun cat facts human scent

Cats lick themselves to eliminate the human scent on their fur so, don’t be offended if they groom immediately following your affection. It’s just a natural instinct and nothing personal.

14. What is a trichobezoar?

fun cat facts hairball

It’s only the scientific name for a cat’s hairball.

15. World's Longest Fur

fun cat facts fur

Internet sensation Colonel Meow holds the world record for the longest fur. This HimalayanPersian mix is from Los Angeles and had fur as long as 9 inches.

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