Frozen Kitten Rescue in -1 Degree Cold

warming a frozen heart

Undoubtedly, Belarus gets a tremendous amount of snow during their winter season. While fireplaces crackle and radiators keep us warm, our furry friends outside aren’t always that lucky.

After one rough winter night, a Belarusian young man happened to find a 6 month old frozen kitten on the side of the road. Even with such harsh temperatures, nobody stopped to check on the half-dead feline. With tons of cars passing by, he knew the safest bet was to take the poor little kitty home.

frozen kitty

Rescued This Frozen Kitten From Winter's Grasp

The cat’s fur was seriously iced up, and her body was almost lifeless. The Belarusian man did not hesitate in picking up the frozen kitten and taking it home. If the cat had been left out in the cold, there was no doubt that it would have died from exposure.

It took just one man to carry out this act of kindness, as he placed the cat in front of a radiator to warm up her body in the comfort of his home. The icy fur soon melted, and the cat was more than grateful to be out of the intense cold. With love and patience, the cat slowly became aware of her surroundings. It was at this point when he saw something alarming.

nika at the vet

A Trip to the Vet

A trip to the vet was obviously an essentially necessary. Although this little rescue was pretty healthy, frostbite had consumed her tail. Unfortunately, the vet suggested that half her tail would have to be amputated in order for her to fully recover.

After much speculation and detailed tests, the little stray was sent to surgery, hoping that everything would turn out okay. With her tail lost to the harsh cold, she was in need of extended treatments and a lot of love.

nika now

Champion of Recovery

The little stray soon nuzzled her way into the Belarusian man’s heart. With her new name, Nika, she soon became his closest companion. The surgery was successful, and the brave kitty recovered from her amputation gracefully.

As weeks passed by, Nika grew healthier, stronger, fluffier, and even prettier! From the harsh streets to the comfort of a warm home, Nika truly thrived with a new sparkle in her eye. Just like any other healthy cat, Nika jumps and plays without the worry of ever being forced to withstand the freezing climate again.

It’s fair to say that without the Belarusian man’s help, Nika would have wasted away to winter’s wrath. No kitty should ever be exposed to subzero temperatures without some type of protection in order to survive.

Thanks to the responsibility this man took upon himself, Nika is now a new cat with a loving home! These little acts of kindness really become a reason to restore faith in humanity. Thanks to CAtPUSIC for his devotion and love for this kitty!

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