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Do you ever watch your cat and wonder what in the world they’re up to? It can be endlessly entertaining, and sometimes frustrating trying to figure out what motivates their seemingly bizarre behavior. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this post, I have both common, and not so common cat behaviors explained, so next time you’re scratching your head over your kitty’s antics, you’ll have a little insight into what’s going on in the furry little head of theirs.

Are you ready for wildly fun cat facts that will amaze and surprise you? We’ve picked out some the most entertaining, little known facts, which even astonished us while bringing smiles to our faces.

Are you addicted to cute cats and kittens? We have picked out the most adorable photos and converted them to fit your home screen on most devices. Whether you have a desktop, tablet, iPhone, or Android phone, there are wallpapers made just for you!

Are you looking for famous people who are cat lovers? We have profound quotes from some of the most popular people now and in our history professing admiration of their sweet feline companions.

All cat breeds have different habits and temperaments. Typically what matters most when choosing a new furry friend is their personality. If you plan on purchasing from a breeder or adopting from a rescue shelter, you should visit and interact with the kitty to make sure you’re both completely happy!

Price may be a concern as well. Different cat breeds can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on their rarity, appearance, and lineage.

We know cat health issues are an important problem when it comes to your furry family members. If your cat is sick or injured, you want to know what’s wrong and how you can ease their stress or pain as quickly as possible.

We can offer help by giving you basic information about many feline health issues.

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