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15 Facts About Cat Behavior Revealed

Here is a common list of facts about cat behavior which should help explain why your furry companion is acting strange. Cats have certain ways of doing things, which may seem odd at times but, it’s actually quite normal for them.

1. Cats Feel Secure in Small Spaces

tight spaces

Curling up in boxes, sinks, baskets, shopping bags or other tight spaces gives cats a sense of security. Generations ago in the wild, cats didn’t want to be exposed in open areas unprotected. Hiding allows them to observe safely from a distance or ambush a target, like your feet.

2. Chattering at Birds, Squirrels and Insects

chattering cat behavior

Wondering why your cat is chattering at different things? There are many different theories as to why this happens but just realize this is normal feline behavior. Enjoy the weirdness.

3. Headbutting or Rubbing Their Head on You


When a cat headbutts you or rubs on you, this is known as bunting. The cat is showing affection but it’s also releasing pheromones in order to show ownership of you. It’s just the same as marking their territory when rubbing on furniture.

4. Cats Love Curling Up into Tight Balls

curled up

This is merely a way to keep themselves protected and also helps them to retain heat.

5. Butt Nuggets Outside the Litter Box?

pooping outside box

Your cat is trying to tell you something. This behavior typically means they are not happy with you for one reason or another. Watch out for the spiteful kitty. It could also simply be that the cat litter is overdue for a change or scooping and they’re reminding you.

6. Laying on Top of You

laying on top

They like feeling secure and being on top of you, knowing you’re not going anywhere so, give them attention. It may also be a dominance characteristic as well but most likely it’s just showing their love.

7. Kitty is Hungry and Demanding Food or Treats

demanding food

You had better feed them or their meows will only get louder and longer. They may also paw you and give you extra special attention until they get what they want. Feed your sweet kitty.

8. A Twitchy Tail Can Mean Several Things

twitchy tail

A high, quick twitching tail translates to excitement however, a low, fast twitching tail suggests irritation so, you should be careful and stop what you’re doing. On the other hand, a slow flipping tail usually is associated with contentment.

9. Cats Love Their Potty Pets

potty pets

Does your cat follow you into the bathroom? Basically they’ve figured out they have you cornered when you sit down on the toilet to take care of business. Just give them the attention they deserve.

10. Does the Cat Lay on Your Stuff?

on your stuff

So why does your cat lay on everything your own? Cats will plop down on anything you’re using to get attention. Keyboards, laundry, paperwork, grocery bags… it doesn’t matter. Any attention they get is good attention for them. They also leave their scent on your things, which in turn, makes them feel more secure.

11. Cats Enjoy Licking and Grooming Humans

grooming you

Why is the cat licking me? Relax, it’s a deep sign of affection for you. Kitties think we are simply big hairless cats and they enjoy grooming us. It may also be your cat is trying to tell you to take a shower but most likely, it’s just ordinary devotion.

12. Cats Lay in Odd Places to Cool Down

coollng down

When your cat is feeling a little too warm, it may lay in strange places such as sinks, bathtubs, or bare floors. This is perfectly normal behavior that helps them cool down their bodies.

13. Doctor Jekyll and Mr. or Miss Hyde

crazy cat

Your cat is sitting there nice and calm. All of the sudden he or she takes off, runs around, and acts like a crazy cat. No worries. It’s just some serious pent-up energy that needs to be released.

14. Reasons a Cat Will Not Eat

not eating
  • Your cat may be ill (upper respiratory infection or nasal disease)
  • There might be a dental problem
  • It could be a gastrointestinal issue
  • Maybe your cat is experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Is your cat recovering from an illness or recent hospital stay?
  • Congestive heart failure could be the cause in severe cases

If the issue doesn’t resolve itself within a couple days, please seek out the advice of your local veterinarian.

15. My Cat Bites Me

cat bites me

If it’s gentle playful nips, don’t worry too much. More aggressive biting could be a problem. Observe their signals prior to harsh actions… quick tail twitching, flattened ears, dilated pupils, whiskers pointed backward, rolling onto its back (to grab you with all 4 legs), raised fur (especially on its back and tail), and of course, hissing or growling. Learning these reactions will save you from blood loss.

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