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While it has a somewhat strange appearance, the loving and gentle Donskoy cat will win you over with its charming and affectionate nature.

This playful and curious breed is quite intelligent as well. Tricks and voice commands are easily learned. Believe it or not, their loyalty has even been compared to dogs.

So, if you’re searching for a cat that is nearly perfect for any living condition, the Donskoy would be a magnificent choice as your next hairless family member!

donskoy cat facts

Donskoy Cat Facts

  • Despite having little or no hair, the Donskoy cat can be high maintenance. They require daily cleaning with a wet wipe to keep their skin free from oil buildup. A bath using high quality pet shampoo should be done every week or two as well.
  • If you’re one of those people who love to dress up your kitty, the Donskoy is the purrfect cat for you. Their skin needs protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and winter’s cold temperatures. Be sure to make a fashion statement!
  • The Donskoy cat is also known as the Don Sphynx or the Russian Hairless.
  • In 1987, Elena Kovaleva discovered a tiny kitten who was being abused by young boys. She took the kitten home and nursed her back to health. A few months later, the kitty (named Varvara) began to lose all her hair and any attempts to cure this condition failed. After a couple years, Varvara gave birth to both hairy and hairless kittens. Soon other breeders became interested in developing this unusual cat and they eventually proved the Donskoy to be a unique new breed.
  • When you pick up and hold a Donskoy, it appears to feel very warm to the touch. This is simply because it has little to no hair for insulation.
  • Just like birds and frogs have webbed feet, the Donskoy also has this distinctive feature. It’s really obvious when they stretch their legs or chew on their paws.
donskoy features

Physical Features

  • Lifespan: Average is about 12 to 15 years with some living a bit longer.
  • Weight: Females typically weigh 6-10 lbs and males are from 8 to 12 lbs.
  • Body Type: Long and slender with muscular, athletic frames.
  • Eye Color: Various colors.
  • Coat Color: Multiple colors. Four types of coats include Rubber Bald (bald from birth), Flocked (chamois texture possibly becoming bald later in life), Velour (gradually losing all its hair in the first year except around the head, legs, and tail), and finally, Brush (only losing patches of hair on the head, neck, and back).
  • Shedding: Minimal, if any. May be more as warmer weather comes in Spring.
donskoy personality

Personality Traits

  • Activity Level: Because of their highly inquisitive nature, the Donskoy is always on the move, investigating and exploring its surroundings with graceful ease.
  • Breed Intellect: Considered to be exceptionally smart and incredibly curious, both tricks and voice commands can quickly be learned by this unique cat.
  • Temperament: The Donskoy is often described as friendly, playful, and affectionate. This cat is also quite charming and oddly elegant.
  • Attention Needs: While it isn’t really a clingy kitty, the Donskoy does like to be the center of attention and will often step in to make its intentions known.
  • Caring Nature: Being very gentle, this cat is amiable and loving. It’s particularly fond of their human companions, forming a deep bond and genuine loyalty.
  • Vocal Tendency: As this breed is typically rather quiet, don’t be fooled. You will hear them more around feeding time or whenever they want your attention.
  • Kids Compatible: Known for a calm, cool, and collected nature, this cat does well with children as long as they are both properly introduced in the beginning.
  • Tolerates Pets: Other cats make wonderful companions (and are even encouraged) for this breed as well as small to medium sized, cat-friendly dogs.
  • Stranger-Friendly: As a very outgoing feline, the Donskoy cat will get along famously with friends and family as this social butterfly loves the spotlight.

Health and Well-Being

Ideal Living Situation

If you’re looking for the perfect cat that adapts to most circumstances, the Donskoy is a great choice. From large families in a busy household to those living alone with a moderately quiet lifestyle, this cat can adjust to almost any situation with ease.

Possible Health Problems

Let’s start with the obvious, their skin. You must be vigilant about sun and cold temperature exposure as their skin is very sensitive to these weather influences.

If you see your cat basking in the morning sun or decide to take this cat outdoors for a walk with a leash, you will need to apply sunblock to their skin.

Please remember to cover up this kitty with a sweater whenever you feel the first hint of cooler temperatures for their protection.

As with all cats, dental problems can occur. Donskoys may be more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontal disease than other breeds so take good care of their teeth.

Annual Vaccinations

There are four core vaccines and one non-core option available for all cats.

The first essential vaccine would be Rabies which is a fatal disease if exposed to it.

The second inoculation (FVRCP) is a combination of the remaining three core vaccines in one. This covers Feline Herpesvirus 1 or FHV-1 which is an upper respiratory infection, Feline Calicivirus or FCV which attacks the upper respiratory tract, and the final is Feline Panleukopenia Virus or FPV (also known as Feline Distemper) which is life threatening and extremely dangerous for young cats and kittens.

You can get the optional non-core vaccine Feline Leukemia Virus or FeLV. This is considered a core vaccine for every kitten. Make an appointment with your local vet to discuss and schedule all these vaccinations.

Grooming Routine

When caring for cats, there are four specific areas which need regular attention.

Weekly brushing is the minimum required to keep their fur healthy and shiny. This also helps distribute natural body oils, remove dead hair, and eliminate matted fur.

When the nails are getting a little too sharp and ripping furniture or carpet, it’s time to trim them. Be sure not to trim off too much of each nail as this can cause pain.

Cats are prone to periodontal disease and gingivitus so brushing their teeth with veterinarian-approved toothpaste once or twice a week should suffice. You can also give them dental treats to clean their teeth in between brushing.

Finally, you’ll want to address the ears. While cats have a built-in mechanism for cleansing their inner ear canals, the visible portion of their ears should occasionally be very gently swabbed to remove foreign matter.

Please consult a veterinarian for the proper procedures when grooming your cat.

Feeding Advice

Cats are known as obligate carnivores or strict meat eaters. Their diets should primarily consist of high protein and a few fats.

While carbohydrates are not usually a part of feline nutrition, scientists have concluded they are able to be used for energy in small amounts. On the other hand, if a cat is continuously fed too many carbs, diabetes can actually develop later in their life.

When choosing a wet or dry food, you need to read the caloric information labels to ensure your cat is being fed the appropriate nutrient levels.

Normally, wet foods should contain around 70% to 80% moisture as cats from past feral generations obtained most of their liquids from the animals they killed and ate.

Proteins are ideal when they’re between 10% and 20% in grain-free wet food. Seafood varieties are typically the highest in protein.

Two of the best dry food formulas on the market would be Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet with High Protein and Orijen Biologically Appropriate Cat Food. These specially made dry food products include healthy amounts of prepared raw meats, some needed fats, and minimal carbohydrates.

Exercise Tips

You should plan to play with your cat at least 15 minutes everyday, although, more is encouraged with certain active breeds.

Feather toys and laser pointers are a great choice to keep them moving. This helps relieve their boredom and reduces the chance for depression as well.

For a really cheap play session, simply buy a ball of string. Cut off a ten foot section at a time and drag it around the house behind you. Your kitties will love attacking the end of the string! Big fun for a small price.

Catnip is another way to offer an edible distraction in their lives. Don’t worry, the effects typically wear off in about 15 minutes or so.

One of the best items you can acquire for exercise would be a cat tree or cat condo. This is basically a jungle gym for cats which provides a place for climbing, relaxing, and sharpening their claws instead of using your furniture.

There are a couple other alternatives including an exercise wheel, which can be somewhat expensive, and a simple body harness with a leash for outdoor walks. Your cat may or may not like this option but, you can give it a try.

donskoy cat price

Donskoy Cat Price

The average Donskoy cat price will range from $1100 to $1500 for show quality pedigrees through well-known breeders.

You can find Donskoy kittens as low as $500 but they are typically spayed or neutered and only sold as house pets.

Those purebreds with preferred color, little to no hair, the most wrinkles, and champion lineage will fetch a premium price as much as $2000 or possibly more.

If you’re trying to save money, Donskoy cats may be found in adoption shelters and merely cost a fee of between $30 and $175 depending on location. Keep in mind though, they will more than likely be a mixed breed.

donskoy breeders

Registered Donskoy Breeders

California Sphynx Cattery – California

Sleekats Cattery – Massachusetts

Don Eden Cattery – Rhode Island

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