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Cats That Like Water? Yes, It's True!

We all know that most cats hate water. After all, we’ve each had our fair share of struggles trying to give our cats a quick bath. But did you know that there are some breeds of cats that like water?

Four of the top water-loving cat breeds are:

  1. Maine Coon

  2. Sphynx

  3. Abyssinian

  4. Turkish Van

If you would like to learn a bit more about these unique breeds and their love for a nice swim, please read on.

maine coon cats who love water

1. Maine Coon

Known mostly for their large size, Maine Coons make excellent household pets. This larger-than-average breed of cat is attracted to water just like the others on this list. In fact, some owners have reported that their Maine Coons have tried to jump in the shower with them!

If you don’t plan to let your Maine Coon play in the shower with you, they may turn to their water bowl as a source of fun. Make sure you get a bowl with rubber grips on the bottom to prevent them from spilling it. A sprinkler or fountain may also pique their interest, especially if you have a catio or fenced yard.

sphynx cats who like water

2. Sphynx

The Sphynx is a unique cat due to its lack of hair. Love ‘em or leave ‘em, these sweet kitties actually need to be bathed regularly from a young age due to their lack of protective fur. Without this fur, they get oily and dirty quickly. Baths help to keep their skin clean and healthy.

Since you have to bathe the Sphynx from a young age, they are often one of the few breeds of cats who love water. Don’t be surprised if your Sphynx turns to putty in a cozy, warm bath.

abyssinian cats that like water

3. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are beautiful exotic cats that love the occasional swim. This energetic cat breed is consistently curious, which naturally makes it attracted to stimuli like water. They may use their paws to play in puddles or their water dishes and often love a nice bath.

Because of their muscular physique, Abyssinians make great natural swimmers. This especially makes sense, given their history as mousers aboard ancient ships!

turkish van cats love water

4. Turkish Van

The Turkish Van, a long-haired cat breed hailing from Lake Van, Turkey, absolutely loves the water. It loves the water so much, in fact, that it’s nicknamed “the swimming cat” in its home region.

Turkish Vans have large paws and powerful muscles, which makes them excellent natural swimmers just like Abyssinians. Many owners claim that they’ve found their Turkish Van playing in their water bowl, bathtub, sink, and even the toilet. To give your Turkish Van some fun stimulation, consider putting some waterproof toys in the bathtub. Odds are, your water-loving cat will go crazy!

Final Thoughts

Every furry friend is unique, so don’t worry too much if your cat hates water. There are always other ways to help them keep fresh and clean, such as deodorizing sprays, wipes, and shampoos. But now that you know some cats do like water, don’t be too surprised if yours tries to jump in the bath with you.

Thanks to Lex Leigh for This Article!

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