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The Top 12 Cat Subscription Boxes

Looking for the purr-fect gift or just want to spoil yourself and your kitty? Cat subscription boxes are a wonderful way to express your appreciation for the cat lover in your life! Not to mention, it’s the generous gift that keeps on giving the entire year. Think of the happiness and many smiles this will bring.

We have reviewed the top 12 subscription services to help you choose the best options and make an informed decision before your purchase.

The products offered in each subscription box vary from treats and toys to cat food and litter supplies so you really have a fantastic assortment available. Some boxes offer more luxurious items for cats or may even include special surprises from month to month for cat owners as well.

Are you ready to see what fun times await? Let’s start exploring these unique packages and find the ideal service that works best for you.

meow box

Subscription Options: Monthly or Bi-Monthly

Monthly Cost: $22.95 per box


  • Personalized and specially curated for cats with special needs

  • Choice of first box theme

  • Easy cancellation policy

  • Free shipping

  • Percentage of each box purchased supports cat shelters and rescues


  • No guarantee

  • Not fully customizable

Our Opinion…

Meowbox is a monthly cat subscription box that offers your cat a combination of treats and toys! You can choose whether you want a box monthly or every two months, so your plan is flexible to fit your financial needs.

Each box has a new theme, so you get different surprises every month. While this can be a pleasant experience for some, it could also mean that your cat doesn’t always like the items they get. However, it’s still a fun way to find out what your kitty enjoys!

Meowbox has excellent customer service and can help tailor your box to your cat’s needs. For example, if your cat has a strict diet, they can put an extra toy in place of the treats they would normally include in the box.

Shipping is free and they allow easy cancellation of your service if you decide it isn’t for you, so it’s an outstanding first-time subscription box for many cat owners!

cat lady box

Subscription Options: Monthly, Can Order Up to 6 Months in Advance

Monthly Cost: $34.99 – $39.99


  • Wide variety of adorable cat items for owners to enjoy

  • Some boxes include goodies for your cat

  • Company donates monthly to cat rescues and charities

  • Fun theme every month

  • High-quality items including artisan soaps and custom-designed shirts

  • Easy cancellation policy


  • Not all boxes come with goodies for your cat

  • Items are random and may not suit everyone’s interests

Our Opinion…

CatLadyBox isn’t just for your cats, it’s for you too! CatLadyBox is the perfect subscription box for any self-proclaimed crazy cat lady looking for more cat-related items for their home.

CatLadyBox offers two subscription models: the Basic CatLadyBox and the Crazy CatLadyBox. The latter includes two goodies for your cat in each box, so you can both enjoy a fun treat! You can also order up to 6 months’ worth of boxes in advance, which will save you money on the cost of each box.

Past items in the CatLadyBox include jewelry, clothing, accessories, books, and more, so there’s a wide variety of items you could get. They also offer easy subscription cancellation if you no longer wish to renew your membership. Overall, it’s a wonderful option for someone looking to add the fun flair of cat obsession into their home and wardrobe!

kit nip box

Subscription Options: Monthly, but can gift up to 12 months for someone

Monthly Cost: $14.99 for your first month, $22.99 – $32.99 per month after that


  • Large collection of items in each box

  • Customizable for cats with special needs

  • Company donates regularly to over 100 different animal welfare organizations

  • Offers a cheaper trial box for newcomers

  • Two different subscription box options

  • Free shipping

  • Easy cancellation policy


  • Items are randomized

Our Opinion…

KitNipBox is loved by cats worldwide! Each KitNipBox contains a variety of treats, toys, and other related products for your cat to enjoy.

KitNipBox offers both a Happy Cat box and a Multi-Cat box. The Happy Cat box has 5 goodies, while the Multi-Cat box has 7, making it perfect for homes with more than one cat. There’s a wide variety of items in the box from toys to treats, so each month is a surprise.

Cats with special dietary needs can opt for the food-free version of the box, which replaces any food treats with another toy. KitNipBox also offers free shipping and an easy cancellation policy, so they’re extremely flexible.

Still not sure if you want to give them a try? Luckily, they offer first-time buyers a $14.99 trial box so you can see what the hype is about yourself before fully committing. Who knows, maybe your cat will love it!

box cat

Subscription Options: Monthly or Quarterly

Monthly Cost: $23 – $37 per month


  • Variety of subscription plans

  • Includes large items not normally included in other boxes

  • Includes high-quality cat gear such as skincare

  • Customizable for cats with special needs

  • Handmade treats in every box

  • Considered one of the more “luxurious” cat subscription boxes


  • Additional shipping costs outside the US

Our Opinion…

If your cat is extremely spoiled, BoxCat may be the best choice for you. BoxCat is known for its luxury items including hand-baked treats, large accessories, and vegan cat gear. With CatBox, you can get treats, beds, and cat toiletries all in the same box!

BoxCat has both a basic Monthly Plan and a Monthly Luxury Plan, which lets you choose which type of package is best for your cats. The Luxury plan includes larger items like beds, blankets, and scratchers, while the basic plan tends to include smaller vegan items like skincare and collars.

If you don’t need items that regularly, they also offer a quarterly subscription with the same items. This can give you more flexibility when it comes to your cat’s needs.

Cancellation with CatBox is simple and they also cater to cats with allergies as long as you contact them ahead of time. Overall, it’s a great subscription box for any and all high-class kitties.

cat kit by pusheen box

Subscription Options: Can Purchase Quarterly or Annually

Monthly Cost: $26.99 – $29.99 per box


  • Allows annual purchase to save money

  • Loyalty rewards for regular buyers through CultureFly Club

  • Has a referral program

  • Easy cancellation

  • Items are completely unique and can’t be bought elsewhere


  • No monthly option

  • Has shipping costs

Our Opinion…

If you love Pusheen, you’re going to love Cat Kit! Cat Kit is a subscription plan offered by Pusheen which contains Pusheen-themed items for your cats to enjoy. Items in the Cat Kit are specially designed by CultureFly and typically include toys and accessories like collars.

Cat Kit can be purchased quarterly or annually. Buying annually will save you $5 per box, so it’s a good deal if you can swing it upfront. If you’re just trying something new, you can purchase a box every quarter and cancel easily if it isn’t your cat’s preference.

Because CultureFly designs Cat Kit, purchasing it can help you build loyalty and rewards points with them. This can unlock discounts later on if you stick with Cat Kit and other CultureFly products.

smalls cat food

Subscription Options: Anywhere between 2 and 8 weeks per box

Monthly Cost: $32 for sampler, $40+ per box after that depending on number of servings you need


  • 10 different fresh food bases to choose from

  • Sampler available to find flavors your cat likes best

  • Free treats included with every package

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Add-ons including toys, treats, litter, and accessories available


  • Food arrives frozen and requires a freezer for storage

  • $10 shipping fee

Our Opinion…

Tired of always running to the grocery store for cat food? You may want to consider a Smalls subscription box!

Smalls is a subscription box that sends you fresh cat food right to your doorstep. This cat food is made of all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or fillers, so it’s quite healthy for cats. Some people who use Smalls have reported shinier fur and less odorous litter boxes due to the high quality of their food.

Your first order is a sampler so you can figure out which flavor(s) your cat likes best. After this, you can adjust each shipment based on your cat’s flavor preferences.

Along with each shipment is a bag of treats for your cat to enjoy until the next box!

If you want other items, such as toys, litter, or more treats, you can simply add them to your box for a small fee. This flexibility is great for busy cat owners always on the go.

pet treater

Subscription Options: Monthly

Monthly Cost: $15-25


  • More affordable than other subscription boxes

  • Good customer support

  • Easy cancellation policy

  • Includes first month “Welcome Pack”

  • Customizable for cats with special needs


  • Only ships to the 48 states of the lower USA

  • Does not ship to APO/FP/DOD addresses

Our Opinion…

Pet Treater offers monthly dog and cat boxes that many pets love. Compared to some of the other boxes on this list, Pet Treater offers simple, small boxes which are quite affordable for cat owners looking to treat their kitty.

Each Pet Treater box contains 3-4 items including toys and treats. If that isn’t enough for your cat (or if you have a family of cats!), you can try the Multi-Cat Pack which has 5-8 items for a slightly higher price.

This monthly subscription starts at only $15 per month for the basic box, which is perfect for pet owners with only one cat. They are also able to take allergies or other preferences into consideration when building your box, even though most boxes are designed the same.

cat person

Subscription Options: Monthly

Monthly Cost: $25 – $38


  • Free shipping on orders over $45

  • Both dry and wet food available

  • Meal plans are considered custom for your cat

  • 8 different flavors of wet food and 3 flavors of dry food

  • Food is grain-free and high in protein

  • Accessory add-ons available


  • One account can only have one subscription at a time

Our Opinion…

Cat Person is a subscription box that brings various types of cat food right to your doorstep. This subscription box carries both wet and dry food so your cat gets their preference for dinner.

If your cat can be a bit picky, you can use the starter box to help your cat try different flavors before settling on a choice. There is a variety of choices, so your cat may have a few!

Cat Person’s food is high in protein and grain-free to keep your cat healthy. If you want some other items delivered to your doorstep along with your cat’s food, you can check the site for some add-ons to your next order.

whisker box

Subscription Options: Monthly

Monthly Cost: $34.95 – $49.95


  • 100% guarantee

  • Excellent customer service

  • Easy cancellation policy

  • Two different box types to consider


  • International shipping costs $15

  • Boxes are sometimes out of stock

Our Opinion…

Whisker Box is a great monthly subscription box to treat your cat. This box contains treats, toys, and even small outfits for your cat!

These outfits will have your cat looking stylish in no time. While many of the boxes are limited, they do have a basic version that provides 4-5 premium items such as toys and tasty treats. The larger “Meow” subscription has 4-6 premium items including luxury apparel for your kitty!

Plus, Whisker Box has a simple cancellation process if you decide to take a break from the subscription boxes for a bit!

litter box

Subscription Options: Monthly

Monthly Cost: $30 – $75


  • Variety of plan options depending on number of cats

  • Litter is hard-clumping, all-natural, low dust, and locks in odors well

  • Soft on cat paws

  • Add-ons available


  • No other litter types available

Our Opinion…

If you’re looking for a box that offers more than the basics, take a look at Litterbox. Litterbox offers subscription boxes for cat litter, pet stain and odor cleaners, and cat soaps.

Litterbox’s litter is all-natural and clumping, so it does a good job of locking in odors. It is also unscented and has no added chemicals, so you know it’s safe and non-irritating on your cat’s paws.

You can also add additional items to your box such as grooming supplies or litter mats as needed, which saves you a trip to the grocery store.

You can order enough litter for up to 3 cats in their highest subscription level, so be sure to choose the right size for you and your cat family!

kitty poo club

Subscription Options: Monthly

Monthly Cost: $27.99 after initial orders, which ranges between $22.39 and $63.36


  • Recyclable

  • Leak-proof and odor-fighting

  • Free shipping

  • Several subscription plans available, including custom plans


  • Slightly more expensive

Our Opinion…

Kitty Poo Club is a nice subscription to be a part of if you want convenient cat litter all the way around. Kitty Poo Club sends you fresh cat litter in a fully recyclable litter box for easy maintenance. Simply toss the entire litter box when it’s done and put down a new one for your cats!

The bundles offered on the site can be a good deal for those that want additional accessories including a litter box dome, scoop, or cat litter mat. After this bundle purchase, your monthly cost defaults back to $27.99 for each litter box and bag.

If you’re passionate about environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional pet care, then this is the perfect subscription for you. In fact, the litter box itself is able to be shipped the way it is, so the company doesn’t even use traditional shipping packaging when sending boxes by themselves!

pretty litter

Subscription Options: Monthly with single and multiple cat plans

Monthly Cost: One cat = $22 and Two cats = $40 (Look for their 30 Day Free Trial)


  • Crystal litter has low dust and tracking

  • Health-monitoring

  • Lightweight compared to other litter

  • Helps trap odor and dries quickly


  • Not all cats enjoy crystal litter and may avoid it

Our Opinion…

You may have heard of Pretty Litter before. If not, Pretty Litter is a silica-based crystal cat litter that is known for its health-monitoring properties!

Pretty Litter changes color depending on the pH of your cat’s urine. Colors such as blue, orange, and red indicate potential health issues in your cat including urinary tract infections, kidney tubular acidosis, and bladder crystals.

Not only are you keeping your home clean, but you’re also keeping track of your cat’s health!

While not all cats take well to crystal litter, those that do are in good hands when it comes to monitoring their health.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of cat-themed subscription boxes out there, but only you know your needs best. If your cat would do well on a customized cat food plan, you may want to consider some of the subscriptions above. This is also true for the additional subscription boxes, whether you want one for toys or for personal merch!

If you aren’t sure where to start, review the above list to remember which boxes are the best and what they offer. By using this guide, you can make sound decisions for your cat’s life that are in his or her best interests.

Thanks to Lex Leigh for This Article!

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