Cat Shows Near Me: 2024 Show Schedule & Events Calendar

Are you searching for more fun with cats? Look no further than our “cat shows near me” events calendar. Find cat shows in your area along with feline film festivals, cat conventions, and more entertaining places to enjoy your furry friends. There’s even cat-inspired holidays thrown into the mix as well. We will continue to update this calendar every month so check back often.

Special Note: You can also watch some fun cat videos from CatVideoFest in a local theater near you. Check to see the dates and participating theaters. The trailer is last years.

january cat


1/2 – Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

1/5 – The International Feline Showcase (Corpus Christi, Texas)

1/5 – Central Jersey Cat Fanciers Show (Parsippany-Try Hills, New Jersey)

1/13 – PracTICAl Cats Show (Gray Summit, Missouri)

1/13 – Kool Cats & Karens Cat Club Show (Crystal River, Florida)

1/20 – It’s Reigning Cats Show (Portland, Oregon)

1/20 – Cattyshack Cat Club Show (Augusta, Georgia)

1/22 – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

1/26 – Charm City Cat Club Show (Timonium, Maryland)

1/27 – Friends & Feline Foundation Cat Show (Deer Park, Texas)

february cat


2/1 – National Cat Health Month

2/3 – Central Jersey Cat Fanciers Show (Allentown, Pennsylvania)

2/3 – Fantastic Felines Cat Show (Anniston, Alabama)

2/10 – Toledo RusTICAts Cat Show (Bowling Green, Ohio)

2/10 – The Evergreen Cat Fanciers Show (Ferndale, Washington)

2/10 – Red River Rascals Cat Show (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

2/17 – It’s TICA Time Cat Show (Raleigh, North Carolina)

2/17 – Catitude & Socal Exotica Cat Clubs Show (Victorville, California)

2/24 – Ancient City Cat Club Show (St, Augustine, Florida)

2/24 – East of Eden Cat Fanciers Show (Monterey, California)

march cat


3/2 – International Rescue Cat Day

3/2 – Crazy Pants Cat Club Show (Brentwood, New York)

3/2 – Cattyshack Cat Club Show (Augusta, Georgia)

3/3 – What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day

3/7 – Columbus Pet Expo (Columbus, Ohio)

3/8 – Central Jersey Cat Fanciers Show (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania)

3/8 – Showcats Columbus Cat Show (Columbus, Ohio)

3/15 – United Cat Club Inc. Show (Chantilly, Virginia)

3/15 – Surf-N-Turf Cat Club & America’s Finest Feline Show (Arcadia, California)

3/23 – Cuddly Kitten Day

3/23 – Christmas City Cat Club Show (Easton, Pennsylvania)

3/23 – Portland CATstravaganza (Portland, Oregon)

april cat


4/6 – National Siamese Cat Day

4/6 – Mission City Cat Club Show (Seguin, Texas)

4/6 – Philadelphia Tea Party Cat Show (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

4/12 – IPICaC Cat Show (Arcadia, California)

4/13 – It’s TICA Time Cat Show (College Park, Georgia)

4/19 – National Cat Lady Day

4/20 – Garden of the Cats Show (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

4/20 – Hurricane Cat Club Show (Clearwater, Florida)

4/25 – National Hairball Awareness Day

4/26 – Catsachusetts Cat Show (Saugus, Massachusetts)

4/27 – KansasKatz Cat Club Show (Blackwell, Oklahoma)

4/27 – And a Mouse Cat Club Show (Elma, Washington)

4/30 – National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

may cat


5/4 – New York CATstravaganza (White Plains, New York)

5/11 – Mystical Moon Cat Club Show (Sanford, Florida)

5/18 – Tampa Catstravaganza (Tampa, Florida)

5/19 – Feline Frenzy Cat Expo (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

5/30 – International Hug Your Cat Day

june cat


6/1 – National Adopt a Cat Month

6/1 – American Feline Society Cat Show (Rosenburg, Texas)

6/1 – Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers Show (Parkville, Maryland)

6/1 – Madison Cat Club Show (Jefferson, Wisconsin)

6/8 – Carnivorous Winos Cat Show (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

6/8 – Gulf Shore Regional Cat Show (Wichita, Kansas)

6/8 – Northwest Regional Cat Show (Albany, Oregon)

6/8 – Great Lakes Regional Cat Show (Columbus, Ohio)

6/8 – Southern Regional Cat Show (Roanoke, Virginia)

6/15 – And a Mouse Cat Club Show (Elma, Washington)

6/15 – North Atlantic Regional Cat Show (Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania)

6/15 – Midwest Regional Cat Show (Springfield, Missouri)

6/17 – Take Your Cat to Work Day

6/19 – National Garfield the Cat Day

6/22 – San Jose CATstravaganza (San Jose, California)

6/22 – Bradenton CATstravaganza (Bradenton, Florida)

6/22 – Socal ExoTICA Cat Club Show (Arcadia, California)

6/22 – Econo Cat Club Show (Aurora, Colorado)

6/22 – North Alabama Feline Fanciers Cat Show (Huntsville, Alabama)

6/29 – PracTICAl Cats Show (Gray Summit, Missouri)

6/29 – Houston Cat Expo (Houston, Texas)

july cats


7/6 – National Siamese Cat Club Show (Brockport, New York)

7/10 – National Kitten Day

7/13 – Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat Club Show (Wooster, Ohio)

7/13 – Grand Canyon Cat Club Show (Simi Valley, California)

7/13 – Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey Cat Show (Edison, New Jersey)

7/13 – Triple Crown Cat Fanciers Cat Show (Lexington, Kentucky)

7/20 – Yellow Rose Cat Club Show (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

7/20 – Oklahoma City Cat Club Show (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

7/20 – Cat Fanciers of Hawaii Cat Show (Honolulu, Hawaii)

7/26 – IPICaC Cat Show (Arcadia, California)

7/27 – It’s Reigning Cats Show (Portland, Oregon)

7/27 – Cat Fanciers of Washington Cat Show  (Chantilly, Virginia)

7/27 – Motor City Jazz Club & Midwest Persians Cat Show (Taylor, Michigan)

august cat


8/3 – CatCon (Pasadena, California)

8/3 – POP Cats (Austin, Texas)

8/3 – Celebrations Cat Club Show (Kissimmee, Florida)

8/3 – Midwest TGIF Fanciers Cat Show (Gray Summit, Missouri)

8/8 – International Cat Day

8/10 – North East Regional Feline Fanciers Cat Show (Binghamton, New York)

8/10 – Topeka Cat Fanciers Show (Topeka, Kansas)

8/17 – PracTICAl Cats Show (Gray Summit, Missouri)

8/17 – Rebel Rousers Cat Club Show (Lawrenceville, Georgia)

8/17 – Great Lakes Region & Monroe Shorthair Club Cat Show (Brockport, New York)

8/22 – National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

8/24 – Opposites Attract Cat Club Show (Glendale California)

8/24 – Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers Cat Show (Medina, Ohio)

8/24 – New England Meow Outfit Cat Show (Natick, Massachusetts)

8/31 – Central Jersey Cat Fanciers Show (Hampton, Virginia)

8/31 – Great Lake Great Maines Cat Show (Columbus, Ohio)

september cat


9/1 – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

9/7 – Cattyshack Cat Club Show (North Augusta, South Carolina)

9/7 – American Gothic Cat Club Show (Peoria, Illinois)

9/14 – St. Petersburg CATstravaganza (St. Petersburg, Florida)

9/15 – Witch City Kitty (Salem, Massachusetts)

9/21 – San Francisco CATstravaganza (San Francisco, California)

9/21 – POP Cats (Hillsboro, Oregon)

9/21 – Mid Atlantic Regional Club Cat Show (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

9/21 – KansasKatz Cat Club Show (Wichita, Kansas)

9/21 – Cat Club of the Palm Beaches Cat Show (Daytona Beach, Florida)

9/21 – Coastal Cat Club Show (Deer Park, Texas)

9/28 – Los Angeles CATstravaganza (Los Angeles, California)

october cat


10/5 – Catsbury Park Cat Convention (Holmdel, New Jersey)

10/5 – It’s TICA Time Cat Show (Simpsonville, South Carolina)

10/12 – Boston CATstravaganza (Boston, Massachusetts)

10/12 – The Evergreen Cat Fanciers Show (Ferndale, Washington)

10/12 – Northern Lights Cat Show (Morgantown, Pennsylvania)

10/16 – Global Cat Day

10/19 – Dallas CATstravaganza (Dallas, Texas)

10/19 – United Cat Club Inc. Show (Fredericksburg, Virginia)

10/19 – Austin Cat Fanciers Show (Temple, Texas)

10/25 – Harmony Cat Club Show (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)

10/26 – Pacificats Cat Show (Auburn, California)

10/27 – National Black Cat Day

november cat


11/2 – West Palm Beach CATstravaganza (West Palm Beach, Florida)

11/2 – Sea-Meow (Seattle, Washington)

11/2 – Texas Feline Fanatics Cat Show (Abilene, Texas)

11/9 – Cat Lovers of New England Cat Club Show (Seekonk, Massachusetts)

11/10 – Yellow Rose Cat Club Show (Denver, Colorado)

11/16 – Costa Mesa CATstravaganza (Costa Mesa, California)

11/16 – The Main Event Cat Show (Ferndale, Washington)

11/16 – Kool Cats & Karens Cat Club Show (Clearwater, Florida)

11/22 – Showcats Chicago Cat Show (Schaumburg, Illinois)

11/28 – Give Your Cat Turkey Day (Thanksgiving!)

december cat


12/1 – National Cat Lovers Month

12/7 – Sarasota CATstravaganza (Sarasota, Florida)

12/14 – Southern Sophisticats Cat Show (Jekyll Island, Georgia)

12/14 – Commencement Cat Club Show (Elma, Washington)

12/14 – Carnivorous Winos Cat Show (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)

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