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What Cats Don’t Shed? Cat Allergies Help!

While there’s nothing quite as comforting as snuggling up with a little ball of fur, the reality is that about 10% of the United States population suffers from some form of pet allergy.

If you’re allergic to cats, you might find yourself paying the price for that fuzzy cuddle session, most likely to the tune of sniffling and sneezing. Finding out what cats don’t shed may help your dilemma however, it’s not a 100% guarantee to stop those allergies.

The good news? Having a cat allergy doesn’t have to restrict you from having a feline friend of your own. By having a better understanding of what actually causes cat allergies, as well as some of the best breeds for people allergic to cats, you can make a more informed choice.

If you suspect fleas are disturbing your sweet kitty’s peaceful life, let’s find out how to identify them. So what do fleas look like on cats anyway? First off, it’s a safe assumption that your cat may be scratching too much and you’re worried.

You should know that scratching alone is not the only sign for fleas. There are eight other symptoms that help pinpoint a possible flea problem but we’ll get into that soon.

Fleas are pests that survive on the blood of their hosts. They are primarily found in cat’s fur and cause itchiness as the fleas bite their skin to feed. Just one bite is enough to set off severe scratching if the cat is allergic to fleas.

It’s not only the full grown fleas you have to worry about. Each flea can produce another twenty-seven offspring on average so, it’s best to catch the issues early. Their eggs and larvae are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye which is why you need to rely on the symptoms and not solely your vision to be certain.

If you’ve ever dealt with fleas, you already know how much of a pain they are. You shouldn’t let your kitty suffer anymore. Before they become a major problem, look for the following signs of fleas on cats and get rid of them before they make your cat’s life miserable!

Every cat has a favorite place they like to be pet. It’s up to you to find out where that is. To be honest, these techniques are not just for the cat’s satisfaction. There are many scientific studies that prove caring for a cat has significant health benefits for humans as well. Hearing them purr and feeling their love is definitely the ultimate relaxation therapy.

Whether you just got a new cat or you’re a seasoned cat lover, we all have this thought, “Where do cats like to be pet by us?”. The enjoyment and comfort of our furry family members is extremely important or you wouldn’t be here. Am I right? So, without any further delay, let’s begin the process of bringing you and your sweet kitty closer together through affection.

Living with a cat can train you to understand their behavior and habits. However, figuring out their thoughts is close to impossible. Sometimes, you might wonder “What do cats think about all day?”. Other times you are so stunned by their reactions that you start thinking do cats actually have thoughts and feelings?

If you ask a person who has been living with a feline for a long time, they will typically tell you they are still trying to figure it out. Of course, we can’t blame them. After all, it can be tough to guess if a cat is looking at a fishbowl because it’s fascinated or thinking up ways to eat the fish without getting wet.

As a cat lover, all you can do for now is try your best to associate certain cat behaviors and communication with the most likely thoughts. If you need help with that, experts have listed their best interpretations available.

Anyone who has been to Greece knows just how many cats follow you around on every street. Even though it’s an adorable sight, it’s important to understand that most of them are stray cats. This means, they don’t exactly have a home.

Christine, a mother of two, decided to start her day by cleaning up the balcony. When she went to move a few boxes, what she found inside left her quite surprised.

Inside the one of the boxes, she found two kittens helplessly staring up at her with tiny blue eyes. Christine had no idea where these cute little kitties came from or where their mother was.

Undoubtedly, Belarus gets a tremendous amount of snow during their winter season. While fireplaces crackle and radiators keep us warm, our furry friends outside aren’t always that lucky.

After one rough winter night, a Belarusian young man happened to find a 6 month old frozen kitten on the side of the road. Even with such harsh temperatures, nobody stopped to check on the half-dead feline. With tons of cars passing by, he knew the safest bet was to take the poor little kitty home.

I came across this story of a poor little cat that had a bag of heavy dog food cans tied around her. I couldn’t believe someone would actually do that sort of thing. To be perfectly honest, it sickened me to even imagine this kind of treatment.

Luckily, Stoyan and Dessy saw the tortured cat and were able to help her out. This young Bulgarian couple has been rescuing kitties for quite some time. Bulgaria is a country with thousands of stray cats on their streets. These devoted individuals not only rescue the feral cats, they give them a temporary home until an adoption opportunity becomes available. All costs for the needed supplies come out of their own pockets. Please note: The average Bulgarian income is only $17,000 per year.

I have seen many rescue stories with happy endings but this one involved an entire family of felines and their savior. Chris happens to be a exceptional young man who takes an interest in the welfare of cats around his community.

One day, he received a distressing alert from one of his followers on YouTube. A seemingly frightened mother cat was neglecting her five newborn kittens who needed help immediately. Unfortunately, her previous litter fell prey to a group of nearby feral cats and this rescue was necessary for the safety of these kittens.

Upon arriving at the residence, Chris investigated and found five tiny kittens hidden among some plants. With their eyes still closed, they could only be a few days old. They were repeatedly calling for their mother who was obviously avoiding them for fear of confrontation with other aggressive feral cats and was nowhere to be found.

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