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Cat lovers are unique, intelligent, and caring human beings. We truly enjoy life with our furry companions. While we may be slightly different than other people with our choices, we would do anything to please our loving kitties.

Here we have a glimpse into a cat lover personality and lifestyle. There are those who may think our lives are somewhat offbeat or quirky. We say their unwarranted opinions make no difference whatsoever to us and all that matters is the bond we have with our sweet kitties!

Looking for the purr-fect pun to put on your friend’s birthday card? As cat lovers, we often love to sprinkle our feline passion into everyday interactions. One way some of us like to do this is by using the occasional cat pun. If you’ve got a silly sense of humor, cat puns and cat jokes can be a great way to make your friends laugh and share your love for cats with others as well.

We’ll share some of the best ways you can use cat puns for any occasion and give you the top 80 cat puns and jokes on the internet, so you can purr-use your favorites. To find your next paw-some cat pun, read on!

We’ve all heard the trope about crazy cat ladies, but at what point do you really become one yourself? Cats are wonderful, sweet, and affectionate creatures, but you can (unfortunately) have too much of just about anything.

If you’ve already got a few cats and are wondering how many more you can reasonably add to your family, this article is for you. Below, we’ll talk a bit more about the various factors that determine how many cats can reasonably live safely and happily together.

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Hello and welcome! I’m a genuine cat lover and devoted parent of two adorable kitties. As you can see, cat adoption is meaningful for me. I believe it’s a humane and loving option. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the people who operate rescue shelters. To show my gratitude for their selfless dedication, I’ve designed this website to help enlighten potential feline owners and raise awareness for cat adoption. Please join me and other cat lovers in our efforts to ensure every kitty has a happy, healthy life!

Please consider adoption. So many cats need loving homes. You can be their hero! Visit No-Kill Rescue Shelters

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