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Top 8 Cat GPS Tracker Tags Comparison

If you have cats, you know how important it is to keep your cats safe. This is especially the case if your cats are allowed outside at all. Having the ability to know where your cats are is important in case your cat becomes hurt, sick, or lost out in the world.

Luckily, modern technology makes keeping track of your cat easier than ever. You can easily track your cat’s location using a cat GPS tracker tag. There are lots of these tags out there, though, so you’ll have to choose which one is the best choice for you and your cat.

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of the best cat trackers on the market for you below. To learn more about these tracker tags, read on.

weenect xs

Weenect XS

The first tracker on this list is the Weenect XS. This tracker is small but mighty and offers you a variety of choices when it comes to tracking your furry friend. The tracker itself comes in both black and white colors and has a soft silicone case that feels comfortable on your cat’s neck. The case is also suitable for several cat collars, so you can use the tracker on an existing collar or use the rubber collar included with the tracker.

After purchasing a subscription, you have access to real-time updates of your cat’s location as well as danger area alerts. This can help you track if your cat is entering any particularly high-traffic areas and alert other users if your cat is lost.


  • Rubber case can be used with any normal cat collar

  • Provides live GPS tracking

  • Tracks your cat’s location history for up to 30 days

  • Collar and tracker designed to be comfortable for your cat

  • Has ringtone and buzzer options to train recall

  • Rechargeable


  • Requires a monthly subscription to use the tracker

  • Tracker is small compared to some but is still bulky, especially on smaller cats

  • Battery only lasts around 72 hours

Our Opinion

The Weenect XS is a great affordable option for those looking to track their cat’s whereabouts throughout the day. Though it has a shorter battery life than some and requires a subscription, the services provided by the company are hard to beat for the price.

You can keep tabs on your cat anywhere, anytime with this tracker’s live tracking abilities. Plus, it’s extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if your cats like to play rough. It’s a good choice for those looking for an option with good features without breaking the bank.

samsung galaxy smartag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

You’ve probably heard of Samsung, but did you know they have a SmartTag now? The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a good choice for those looking for a less bulky tracker for their cat. This tag can easily loop onto their collar like a regular name tag so it goes everywhere your cat goes.


  • Affordable at only $29.99 per tag

  • Battery lasts 2-3 months on average

  • Tracks location history so you can see your cat’s movement

  • No subscription necessary


  • Only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones

  • Difficult to replace the battery

Our Opinion

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, this SmartTag may be a good choice for you. Though it doesn’t work with any other phone brands, it does get the job done for those with a compatible device. It’s also nice that it tracks your cat’s location history so you can trace its steps if necessary.

However, some users did report that connecting the tag to their phone was a bit difficult, so keep that in mind when you set up your SmartTag. Besides this, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a decent choice for those wanting a less bulky tracker for their cat.

pawscout pro


Pawscout designs products to help you have peace of mind if and when your pet goes missing. One of their most popular products is the Pawscout Tag, a Bluetooth-enabled tag perfect for cats with a tendency to explore the world a little too much. This tag can help you keep track of your cat’s location and create a virtual pet leash. It is also water-resistant so it won’t get damaged on a rainy day (or if your cat happens to splash in a local puddle!).


  • Affordable at only $19.99 per tag

  • Tracking tag is small and fits comfortably on your cat’s neck

  • 300 ft. outdoor range

  • Alerts you to your cat’s activity through the free Pawscout app

  • Pawscout app creates a network of local pet owners


  • Requires batteries

  • Only works on Bluetooth with a limited range

  • Additional safety features require a subscription

Our Opinion

The Pawscout Tag works well for the services it offers, but it isn’t the ultimate cat tracker on this list. This tag works well for cats that don’t stray far from their homes but provides no tracking once you’re 300 feet from your pet. This means you can’t track your kitty when you’re at work or running errands.

However, this can still be useful for those that don’t leave home often or want something simple to connect with others in the neighborhood. The app provides resources to send alerts for lost cats and helps lost cats and their owners get reunited.

Just keep in mind that some of the safety features do require a monthly subscription, even if the cost is affordable compared to most ($0.99 per month).

cube tracker

Cube Tracker

Those wanting to keep track of their cat’s location at all times may find interest in the Cube Tracker. This tracker comes with a SIM card so you know exactly where your cat is all day, every day. The Cube Tracker connects to the Cube Tracker app which helps you monitor your cat’s location in addition to keeping tabs on its location history.


  • Rechargeable battery can last up to 60 days

  • Tracks location history

  • Allows you to set tracker boundaries

  • Offers device sharing

  • Lifetime warranty


  • Requires a monthly subscription

Our Opinion

The Cube Tracker is a great choice for those wanting full control over their cat’s whereabouts. This tracker easily slides onto most cat collars and is small enough to not irritate your cat’s neck.

It also uses a variety of connectivity features with its SIM card including GPS, WiFi, cell towers, and Bluetooth so you can keep tabs on your kitty no matter where you are.

Though the monthly subscriptions are more expensive than some ($16.50+), Cube Tracker offers a variety of features the competition doesn’t. You can create geo-fence zones so you’re alerted when your pet steps out of them, and even share your pet’s location with other family members in case of an emergency.

With a lifetime warranty, it’s hard to beat the Cube Tracker in practice for those who can afford its subscription.

apple airtag

Apple AirTag

You’ve probably heard of Apple AirTags before. But have you ever thought about using them to keep track of your cat? Using a custom tag, you can attach your Apple AirTag to your cat’s collar like any other tag. It’s also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your AirTag if it happens to rain while your kitty is playing outside.


  • Can be tracked anywhere using Apple’s Find My network

  • Affordable compared to other trackers (and Apple products!)

  • Find My app can trigger a sound from your AirTag to help you locate your cat

  • Battery can last over one year

  • Customizable appearance

  • Deluxe cat collars available


  • Only compatible with Apple devices

  • Bluetooth range of 30 feet

Our Opinion

Apple is known for its durable, high-tech products, and the Apple AirTag is no exception to this. The AirTag is stylish and small, so it remains comfortable on your cat’s neck. It can also be tracked nearly anywhere using the Find My network, so you don’t have to worry about losing your cat even if they stray far from your device.

Once you’re in range, you can also use Bluetooth to trigger a sound on the AirTag. This can help you find your kitty or train them to come home for dinner. Plus, the battery lasts longer than most other pet trackers, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

tile pro

Tile Mate and Tile Pro

Tile by Life360 offers durable trackers for just about anything you love – including your cat. There are two trackers offered by Tile that work well for outdoor kitties – Mate and Pro. The Tile Mate is smaller and has a shorter Bluetooth range, while the Pro is a bit larger but offers a larger range.


  • Water-resistant

  • Battery can last up to three years

  • Works with both Apple and Android products

  • Compatible with Smart Home Assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Siri

  • No subscription necessary


  • Only uses Bluetooth

  • Need an annual subscription for Smart Alerts, tracking history, unlimited sharing, and battery replacements

Our Opinion

Tile Mate and Tile Pro are both small but powerful little trackers. These tracking tags can easily be put on your cat’s collar for tracking while you’re home. However, these trackers only use Bluetooth capabilities, so you can’t track your cat’s location outside of the tag’s range.

If your cat regularly goes over 250 feet from your home, you’ll likely want to consider another option. If your cat stays close to home and you tend to be home anyways, these trackers could still work well for you.

While location tracking is free through the Tile app, additional features such as regular battery replacements, unlimited sharing, 30-day location history, and Smart Alerts are only provided through an annual subscription. However, this subscription could be worth it if those features are important to you.

tabcat tracker


The Tabcat Tracker is another Bluetooth device for those looking to keep track of their cat. However, the Tabcat tracker is a bit different from the other Bluetooth devices on this list. Tabcat uses RF-based technology that creates a much larger range than other Bluetooth trackers. This means you won’t lose track of your cat even if they wander further than others.


  • RF-based technology produces a 600-foot Bluetooth range

  • Color-coded controller helps you find your cat

  • Lightweight enough to not irritate your cat’s neck

  • Long-lasting battery


  • Only uses Bluetooth

  • More expensive than other Bluetooth trackers ($119.99)

Our Opinion

The Tabcat Tracker may be more expensive than other Bluetooth trackers, but it’s with good reason. This tracker offers a range of 600 feet, which is nearly 3x the range of other ordinary Bluetooth trackers. Most cats don’t wander further than this from their home, so this is usually more than enough range to keep your cat safe.

Tabcat also points out that while GPS is more effective if your cat truly gets lost (or stolen), GPS trackers use battery power much more than Bluetooth trackers. This means you’ll have longer battery life than with a GPS tracker.

The included remote also helps you accurately locate your cat indoors as well as outdoors, which GPS often isn’t specific enough to do. Plus, Tabcat can keep track of up to four cats at once, so it’s large-pet-family-friendly.

jiobit tag


Jiobit by Life360 offers several cat-finding services in just one device. Unlike Life360’s Tile products, Jiobit uses Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, and Cellular Data to help you find your cat. It also attaches securely to any pet collar so your cat won’t lose it in the wild.


  • Has GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and Cellular tracking options

  • Unlimited nationwide range

  • Rechargeable

  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices


  • Requires a subscription

  • Battery only lasts two weeks at most

Our Opinion

The Jiobit is a good option for those looking for an all-encompassing cat tracker. However, it is much more expensive compared to others in both initial cost ($129.99) and monthly subscription ($8.99). The good news is that it does come with a variety of safety options to keep track of your cat anywhere at any time.

Jiobit also offers geofencing so you can get alerts when your cat leaves certain areas of your property. It can also track your cat’s location history so you know the paths they take regularly. Just keep in mind that some users say the location doesn’t always update immediately, so you may have to wait a little bit for your cat’s location to update once they move.

Though it is rechargeable, you will have to recharge your cat’s tracker regularly (possibly even daily depending on how frequently you check it). With so many tracking options, the battery gets used quickly and easily.

Final Thoughts

As a cat owner, keeping your cat safe is the most important thing you can do. By using one of these tracking tags or tracking collars, you’re already ahead of the game when it comes to keeping an eye on your outdoor cat. If you’ve used one of these tracking devices before, feel free to share your thoughts and let us know how it worked for you!

Thanks to Lex Leigh for This Article!

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