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Fun With Big Nosed Cat Breeds

I love to boop my cat on the nose, and I know you probably do too. Cat noses are simply adorable, and your cat can learn a lot about you with their powerful sniffer.

Just like how all humans look different, so do cats – and that’s why some cat breeds are particularly known for their big noses. This facial feature gives these cats a special appearance, and you’ll soon find yourself drawn to their sophisticated (and silly) faces.

powerful big nosed cat

Why Your Cat’s Nose is So Important to Them

Your cat’s nose isn’t just there to look cute. In fact, it’s actually there for much more than just sniffing their food!

Cats rely very heavily on their noses to tell them about the world around them. Similar to dogs, cats have a heightened sense of smell that’s much stronger than our own. In the wild, a cat’s nose leads them to prey, but also helps lead them away from predators.

For housecats, their nose is important to help them find their food, their litter box, and even to find their way home if they ever get outside. 

Pro Tip: If you ever lose your cat, leaving their litter box outside can help attract them back thanks to their powerful nose!

Cats also use their sense of smell to learn more about their surroundings, such as whether or not another cat has been around their territory. They also sniff other animals to greet them or determine if they’re familiar. You may notice that sometimes, cats don’t hiss at a strange animal upon setting eyes on it – they wait to sniff, then hiss. 

That’s what really tells them what’s going on!

Though every cat’s nose is unique (seriously, every “nose-print” has its own individual pattern like fingerprints in humans), some cats definitely have a bigger schnoz than others. Here are 10 cat breeds known for their massive noses.

Now, on to the cutest big-nosed cat breeds we know you’ll love!

big nosed oriental shorthair

1. Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 9-11 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 8-12 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-15 years

🐾 Common Colors: Blue, black, brown, gray, beige, fawn, silver, lilac, orange, white

When you think of a cat with a big nose, one of the first faces that pops into your head is probably an Oriental Shorthair. Oriental Shorthairs are known for their exaggerated features, including their noses and ears. 

This cat, full of exaggerated features, actually comes from the Siamese. The Siamese is a well-lovText Bodyed breed since household cats were becoming a dying commodity during WWII, some individuals in Britain decided to revive them. They bred Siamese cats with other breeds like the Russian Blue to produce more pets for households. 

The kittens from this cross-breeding were several different colors. Any kitten that did not have the typical Siamese coloring was labeled as an Oriental. Since then, this breed has taken off in popularity of its own, entertaining countless families with their adorable affection.

If you want an Oriental cat with more hair, fear not… there’s a Longhair Oriental too!

Fun Fact: Shorthair Oriental cats may be a good option for those with cat allergies. This breed’s coat produces less Fel d 1 protein, which is the protein that typically triggers cat allergies.

big nosed bengal cat

2. Bengal Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 13-16 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 10-15 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-16 years

🐾 Common Colors: brown, silver, snow

Bengal cats are gorgeous cats recognizable by their fierce, sleek appearance. This cat breed has gorgeous spotting all throughout its coat, and has striking patterns in the fur on its face. 

Compared to other breeds, Bengals haven’t been around long. They were first developed in the 1990s by a cross between a domestic tabby cat and an Asian Leopard Cat. The goal to produce a domesticated cat with the striking appearance of a leopard was achieved, and Bengals have graced many households since then.

Because of their wild roots, many Bengals have larger noses than traditional housecats. They’re also much more active and inquisitive than other cat breeds. When they run by, you’ll feel like you’re in a jungle!

One thing to note is that some Bengals require specific licenses or registrations to own – you’ll have to check their F number to see if that’s the case. The F number tells you how many generations ago their Asian Leopard Cat ancestor was. F1s (immediate cross, aka half leopard) usually need a license, but F2 and up tend to be safe. Check your local laws just in case, though.

Fun Fact: Many Bengal cats have “glittered coats.” This means they have a mutation in a gene called Fgfr2, which makes their coat appear iridescent and “glittery” in the sun.

big nosed savannah cat

3. Savannah Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 16-18 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 12-15 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-20 years

🐾 Common Colors: black, brown, silver

Looking for a less traditional housecat? Let me introduce you to the Savannah cat. Savannah cats were first created in the 1990s after cross-breeding a Siamese with a Serval. Servals are wild cats native to Africa, so Savannahs are another successful attempt to create tiny jungle cats for our homes.

Savannah cats are a bit different from Bengals, though. Savannahs are much larger in height and weight, so you’ll have to consider any size restrictions where you live. 

They’re also very athletic and will likely try to jump on all of your furniture, so don’t expect them to be lap cats. Many owners say they behave more like dogs than cats, so get ready for an independent, yet loyal kitty!

Fun Fact: Because Savannah cats come from an athletic, curious lineage, many of them can jump up to 8 feet in the air (depending on their generation, of course)!

big nosed chausie cat

4. Chausie Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 16-20 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 13-26 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-16 years

🐾 Common Colors: black, brown, tabby

You could call the Chausie the original domesticated jungle cat. Chausies were originally created from breeding between domestic cats and jungle cats domesticated by the Ancient Egyptians. They have a long history, and have been bringing joy to homes for centuries.

Like other breeds related to wild cats, Chausie cats are active and highly intelligent. As a result, they can be a challenge to own, but also quite fun. They learn tricks quickly, and are incredibly loyal.

Chausies are one of the most athletic-appearing cat breeds. With slender bodies and high, slanted cheekbones, they’re quite attractive to look at. That includes their large, angular nose, which is sure to sniff out any unwelcome mice scurrying in your home.

Fun Fact: Like many other breeds stemming from jungle cats, Chausies behave more like dogs than cats. Many of them enjoy playing fetch, swimming, and even walking on a leash. 

big nosed maine coon

5. Maine Coon Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 10-18 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 12-25 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-15 years

🐾 Common Colors: black, blue, red, cream, white

If you’re looking for a big cat, Maine Coons are a great option. Maine Coons are big everywhere – not just their nose. It’s actually pretty common for males to weigh up to 25 pounds!

Maine Coons are very popular in families as they get along well with children. They may look intimidating, but they’re actually known as gentle giants in the cat world. 

They’re also one of the most intelligent cat breeds, and are highly intuitive. Extra play time is a must for this smart kitty, in addition to extra grooming for all that long, thick fur!

Fun Fact: Maine Coons are polydactyl, which means they have an extra toe or two on each paw.

big nosed highlander cat

6. Highlander Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 15-22 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 10-20 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 10-15 years

🐾 Common Colors: black, brown, blue, red, cream, lilac

Highlanders are some of the cutest cats out there, right down to their big nose! This breed is known for having a wide nose bridge, so their nose takes up more of their face. 

These cats are also on the larger size, and quite athletic. Their short, stubby tail makes them instantly recognizable, and they are some of the most affectionate kitties out there. 

Highlanders are perfect for families thanks to their cute, round appearance and sweet, loyal, and playful personality.

Fun Fact: Many Highlanders love to play in water. Don’t be surprised if this kitty tries to jump in the bath with you!

big nosed american curl

7. American Curl Cat Breed

🐾 Average Height: 9-12 inches

🐾 Average Weight: 5-10 pounds

🐾 Average Lifespan: 12-16 years

🐾 Common Colors: black, brown, cream, red, blue, lilac, silver, orange

Though it is one of the smaller breeds on this list, the American Curl certainly has its place here. American Curls have distinct noses, appearing almost diamond-shaped as it spreads across their wide faces. 

Interestingly, their noses aren’t their most notable feature. That goes to their ears, which are large and curl with a 90 degree arc. These cats weren’t around until the 1980s, when a couple in California found a kitten with curled ears. That kitten had more kittens with curled ears, and the line continued. 

American Curls are lively and curious, and loves all types of play time. You’ll want to give them extra space to explore and set aside time to interact with them to keep them happy. 

Fun Fact: Even though the main feature of this breed is its curled ears, American Curl kittens are actually born with their ears straight! They don’t start to curl until they get a bit older.

Sniff Sniff Hooray

Remember that your cat’s nose is important to them. Be cautious of any strong candles or sprays, and make sure their nose is moist and clean at home to keep them healthy and happy. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new housecat, consider one of these adorable breeds with such boop-able noses. Or, if you already have one of these, feel free to tell us in the comments about your furry friend. 

In the meantime, check out our article on cat-friendly houseplants. It’s a great guide to make sure any plant your cat sniffs out at home is safe for them!

Thanks to Lex Leigh for This Article!

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