5 Newborn Kittens and a Frightened Mother Rescued

newborn kittens

I have seen many rescue stories with happy endings but this one involved an entire family of felines and their savior. Chris happens to be a exceptional young man who takes an interest in the welfare of cats around his community.

One day, he received a distressing alert from one of his followers on YouTube. A seemingly frightened mother cat was neglecting her five newborn kittens who needed help immediately. Unfortunately, her previous litter fell prey to a group of nearby feral cats and this rescue was necessary for the safety of these kittens.

Upon arriving at the residence, Chris investigated and found five tiny kittens hidden among some plants. With their eyes still closed, they could only be a few days old. They were repeatedly calling for their mother who was obviously avoiding them for fear of confrontation with other aggressive feral cats and was nowhere to be found.

Finally, she was spotted underneath a nearby car, watching Chris intently as he moved the kittens to the safety of a cat carrier. He knew it was extremely important for the survival of the newborn kittens to trap their mother as well. This is where the situation got somewhat complicated.

kitten's mother

The Newborn Kittens Needed Their Mother

Relying on his experience with past rescues, Chris managed to devise a creative plan in order to rescue the mother along with her kittens. He would use the kittens as bait to draw out the mother and hopefully trap her as well.

The kitten’s carrier was in place on the ground so, he positioned an animal trap directly in front of the carrier and covered it with a blanket to help conceal its intimidating appearance. Now that everything was set, all he had to do was wait for the crying kittens to lure their mother into his clever trap.

With the little kittens constantly calling out for her, the mother eventually wandered back over to them when she felt everything was all right. Worried about her litter, she cautiously stepped into the trap to offer them comfort and ease their stress. As this happened, the door quickly shut behind her and she was safely captured. Woohoo!

mother and kittens

This Feline Family is Safe, Secure, and Happy!

With the five kittens and their mother out of harm’s way, the undue stress of their detrimental situation is finally behind them. All they have to worry about now is finding someone who will adopt them.

Chris ended up locating a wonderful foster home for the entire feline family. The mother seemed to be much more at ease and her kittens no longer had to wonder when the next meal was being served or, even think about the possibility of losing her soothing embrace again.

Eventually the entire family was adopted and all are doing well. When you think about it, they were incredibly lucky to be rescued. The odds were against them but thankfully, there are caring people out there who devote their lives to rescuing animals and everyone should be grateful for their magnanimous commitment.

This story does have a happy ending however, sadly, thousands of kitties die each year due to neglect or misfortune. Please do your part and report any of these situations to the proper individuals or rescue groups when you encounter them. Just a few minutes of your time and some kind words will save lives!

Final Thoughts

While this rescue involved the ingenuity and determination of one brilliant man, it was his compassion and altruistic nature that makes him a genuine inspiration. Thank you very much CatManChris. Your dedication is greatly appreciated!

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